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About your Camp-Land service appointment

Thank you for choosing Camp-Land RV Service Center to service your vehicle. Our team along with your vehicle manufacturer, parts suppliers, and warranty/insurance providers are dedicated to providing only the best customer service to each of our customers. Camp-Land RV has exclusively compiled some helpful information to assure as pleasant an experience possible, while your vehicle is being serviced at our facility. We urge you to read this packet of information, as it will answer most of the questions you might have about the processes that Camp-Land RV and your vehicle manufacturers follow during the servicing of your vehicle.

It has been found helpful if, before leaving home for your appointment, you write a thoughtful description of the problem to be repaired. Be as specific as possible and give it to the service advisor along with your verbal description when you arrive for your appointment.


On the day of your appointment our service advisor will prepare a repair order describing exactly what needs to be done. The more information you can provide about the defect, the better the likelihood that we will be able to correct the problem to your satisfaction. We need to know the symptoms, exact location on the coach, whether the problem is intermittent and any details that might help make a proper diagnosis.

  • If you are waiting while the repairs are done, be sure the Service Advisor knows where you can be found -- waiting room, out on the lot, etc.
  • If you are not waiting but expect the work to be finished the same day or the following day, be sure the Advisor knows when you plan to pick up the unit and has a way to contact you during progress of the job.
  • If you are dropping the RV off for work to be done over a longer period than today or tomorrow, let the Advisor know of any plans for using the RV on a specific date so we will be aware of the deadline. If we discover work needs to be done that is not covered by warranty or if needed work is going to be more costly than expected, the Service Advisor will contact you to get your approval before starting the work.


Customer-pay jobs will normally be completed on the day of the appointment if it does not require uncommon parts that must be ordered. Some parts can be obtained within a few days. Some, like body parts and cabinetry must be custom built and may take weeks. Your Advisor will let you know about new developments regarding diagnosis, parts, cost, and timing. If you don’t hear from him regularly, it doesn’t mean that no progress is being made. He will contact you when there is something to report.

Warranty work will sometimes be completed on the day of the appointment, in the rare cases where uncommon parts or extensive labor are not required. However, if ordered parts are needed or more than very basic labor is needed, then we are required to obtain authorization from the manufacturer.

  1. This means we need to diagnose the problem and contact the manufacturer by phone or e-mail. Some respond in a day or so, some do not.
  2. We send the manufacturer pictures of the defect and describe the problem, cause, and our proposed solution.
  3. The factory may tell us the problem is not covered, or approve our plan, or suggest a better solution. This approval usually takes several days. Sometimes longer.
  4. Then we can order the parts. Some parts can be obtained overnight but most take a few days. Some, like body parts and cabinetry must be custom built and may take weeks. During summer it will take longer because of the heavy workload at the manufacturer.
  5. Only now can we begin the actual work. During this whole process, your Advisor, Warranty Administrator, Parts People and Technicians are actively working to move your job forward. Please be patient. When the work is finished your Service Advisor will notify you and arrange a pickup time.