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Company Policy Regarding RV Warranty

Camp-Land RV is an authorized warranty service center for Jayco, Winnebago, Grand Design, Four Winds, A.C.E., Quantum, Coachmen Apex, and Coleman RVs. We are happy to perform manufacturer-approved warranty service on those brands as well as the major brands of RV refrigerators.

RV manufacturer's warranties cover only the labor and parts needed to repair manufacturing defects. Most warranty work now requires pre-approval by the manufacturer and even covered repairs are almost never fully paid for by the manufacturer. The dealer doing the repair absorbs the balance.

There are things specifically not covered by warranty. Manufacturers do not cover inspections. Naturally, they never cover things like removing food from refrigerators, removing personal items from compartments, etc. Most do not cover fabrics in any way, nor do they cover minor adjustments after a very brief time period. Maintenance items like light bulbs, fuses, lubrication, and seam sealants are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. All of these things and periodic inspections of roof seams and step lubrication are the responsibility of the owner and are detailed in the owner's manual. If a dealer occasionally does any of the non-covered jobs at no cost to the owner, he is doing it at his own expense as a courtesy to his customer.

Naturally, we are glad to perform services like roof inspections, seam sealing, step lubrication, oil changes, overall unit inspections and other maintenance items on a customer-pay basis. In fact we strongly recommend periodic seal-tech roof leak testing to guard against interior water damage from roof leaks.

With the above facts in mind, our policy regarding warranty service is as follows:

  • We gladly do warranty work on any RV that we sold. This is our top priority.
  • We gladly do essential warranty work for stranded travelers on any brand RV we sell.
  • We gladly do recalls and appliance warranty work on any brand appliance for which we are an authorized service center.
  • With regard to RVs of a brand we sell that were not purchased from Camp Land: we will only do warranty work that has been fully authorized by the manufacturer. Such work will be scheduled, as time is available, generally between Nov. and March. Any diagnostic or other work not paid for by the manufacturer will be charged to the customer. Do not expect us to do free courtesy adjustments, inspections or maintenance that are the responsibility of the owner or the selling dealer.

Company Policy Re: Non-Warranty, Customer-Pay Service

  • Customers who have purchased a new or used RV from Camp Land receive a Priority Service card and will be given scheduling precedence over all others. This can be important during the busy summer camping season.
  • When "Priority service" customers have been accommodated we are eager to do non-warranty service on other RVs regardless of where they were purchased. During the busy season we will schedule these jobs considering both the order of the requests and their urgency.
Priority Service Card

Because of the seasonal nature of our business, we urge all customers to have service work done in the off-season whenever possible. Our "Winter Service Plan" is specially designed to make this option attractive. Learn more about our "Winter Service Plan".