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Frequently Asked Questions (Parts)

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and Visa, Master Card and Discover Cards. We do not accept out-of-state personal checks. We do accept local personal checks under $300.

I need a part for my refrigerator or furnace. What should I do?

Write down the brand, model number and serial number of the appliance (not the RV) and bring that information to our parts dept. Bringing the defective part will also help in identification. Our parts person will identify the part, referring to exploded drawings of the appliance if necessary. If we have the part in stock, you are all set. If not, we can order it. You will need to pay for the part plus shipping, when you order it.

Do you have an on-line accessory catalog?

No, but we have the largest selection in NW Indiana of RV parts, accessories and supplies in our Accessory Store. It is fun to browse through the camping gadgets and see what is new.

Can I order parts from you by phone?

Yes, you can, if you know exactly what part you need. You will be asked to pay in advance via credit card.