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Frequently Asked Questions (Sales)

How can I flag units I am interested in for later reference?

On a laptop computer-- If you want to put several campers' specs and pictures side-by-side so you can easily compare them, click the "Compare" button. You will be guided through the simple process. You can compare a maximum of 4 units at a time. If you have already selected 4 and want to add another one, you must delete one of the original 4.

On a mobile device -- To save a unit for future comparison click "Add to Favorites" on the unit details page. The unit will be saved in a "Favorites" file until you remove it. Your Favorites can be viewed at any time from the inventory menu.

Are the new "lightweight" trailers really lightweight?

Some are, some are not. Every manufacturer wants to call their product Lite. Check the actual weight in their specifications or the weight sticker in the unit. Keep in mind that reducing weight usually costs more than making the same floorplan in a heavier version. If you need a lighter unit so you can tow it, we have them.

What about trading my used unit for the new one I want?

You may get more for your used unit if you trade it in instead of selling it outright, because the dealer is trying very hard to make a sale. To get the best trade-in value you should take your trade to the dealer for a visual inspection, if you have a nice clean one. A sharp trade-in is worth a lot more than one in average condition, or one that the dealer can't see.

My current vehicle doesn't have much towing capacity. Will I have to get a bigger one to pull a camper?

RV manufacturers have responded to the need for lighter campers. There is something for most vehicles on the road. Everything from a 1000 lb. pop up camper to a 2500 lb. travel trailer to half-ton towable fifth wheels. Many vehicles can tow 3500 lbs. and there are many travel trailers in that class. A reputable dealer with experienced sales consultants will help you select a unit that is right for you. Many people who want a larger trailer than they can pull, park permanently in their favorite campground. We can deliver to your campsite.

My next car will probably be smaller than the one I have now. What should I do?

Tell your sales consultant about your plans. He or she will guide you to a camper that is appropriate.

When I buy an RV from Camp-Land, do you charge a Doc. fee on top of the final price?

No, unlike many dealers, we do not add a fee for handling the paperwork. When we give you a price, that is all you pay - plus sales tax, of course.

Do you add a charge for freight and/or pre-delivery preparation of the RV I buy?

Some dealers do, but we do not. There is no separate charge. Those items are included in our price.

What about a demonstration of how to work everything on my RV? Is there a charge for that?

No charge. We have experienced specialists that will spend an hour or longer showing you how it all works. We want your first experience with your new RV to be a pleasant one.

Can I buy an RV from Camp-Land online?

Yes, you can and many people do. We recommend buying from a local dealer if you possibly can, for several reasons. Most importantly, you should have a relationship with a local dealer for service and support. You will be more comfortable with the purchase if you see the dealership facility. You also should see the RV in person before you buy it. Options and interior decor are important to your future enjoyment of a new RV. Sitting in it is the best way to be sure you really like it. Also, the buying of an RV should be an enjoyable, pleasant experience. It should be fun! Personal relationships with dealership personnel will enhance the experience.