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Specialized RV Insurance

Protect Your Investment - Get the Facts about Specialized RV Insurance

We recommend RV America Insurance because they represent many top-rated RV insurance companies. Through the relationships RV America has with these companies, they're able to find you the best combination of coverage and rate.

Why should you choose Specialized RV Insurance? Your RV, whether new or old, is a special vehicle requiring special consideration. Just as you wouldn't go to your family doctor for a toothache, you shouldn't go to a general insurance company to insure your RV.

Specialized RV Insurance is a unique blend of auto and homeowner's insurance coverage, yet the price is typically comparable or less expensive than standard auto insurance.

What's Special About Specialized RV Insurance?

Total Loss Replacement (TLR) - Coverage is a major difference between a standard auto policy and a specialized RV policy. With TLR coverage, if your RV is totaled, the insurance company either replaces your RV with a new one or pays you your initial purchase price, depending upon the age of your unit at the time of loss.

Agreed Value Coverage - Offered for classic coaches and bus conversion vehicles that don't have a standard market value. With a bill of sale or qualified appraisal, you can lock in the coach's value up front. This protects your investment in the RV without the worry of depreciation in the event of total loss.

Full-Timer Coverage - Without a homeowner's policy, RV'ers who live in their vehicles full-time are left with major exposures. Personal liability, additional living expenses, and stored personal effects coverage are included in RV specialty policies to protect full-timers' unique needs.

Experienced RV Claims Handling - While you may never experience a serious loss with your RV, specialized RV insurance companies give you peace of mind knowing that your claim will be handled by professionals with RV experience, not simply standard auto adjusters.

Disappearing Deductible Coverage - Designed to reward good drivers by reducing comprehensive and collision deductibles by 25% of your original deductible for each claim-free year. If a loss occurs after four claim-free years, you pay no deductible on your claim.

Personal Contents Coverage - Covers personal property, such as housewares, tools, clothes, and sporting goods. A homeowner's policy may provide coverage, but there are often limitations to coverage for off-premises property, items in storage, or belongings damaged in a collision. RV specialty policies replace stolen or damaged items at full replacement cost.

Other Benefits of RV Specialty Coverage

Add-Ons and Tow Dollies Included - Most RV specialty policies automatically cover items like awnings, antennas, external racks, and satellite dishes for no additional charge. Additionally, tow dollies and trailers are often included in coverage.

Free 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance - With most policies, insurance companies will cover the towing of your RV to the nearest qualified repair facility, regardless of cost. These policies are often extended to the tow or towed vehicle, as well, if it's being used in conjunction with the RV.

Emergency Travel Expense - If your RV is incapacitated due to a covered loss, most RV policies cover the cost of a rental car and/or hotel room while your RV is being repaired. If your RV is irreparable, the policy can cover airfare to return you and your family home.

Vacation Liability - Specialized RV policies accommodate the unique risks involved in the RVing lifestyle. If someone is injured at your campsite, your liability exposure is covered up to policy limits. Some companies actually extend this coverage to your entire vacation experience.

A Variety of Discounts - Be sure to ask about all discounts offered by an RV specialty insurance carrier. Membership in an RV club, supplemental braking systems or completion of a safe driving course are just some of the discounts available on a state-by-state basis.

The specific coverage you purchase may vary slightly from the descriptions listed above. Your policy is your contract so be sure to read it carefully.

The Final Word

If you currently own an RV, review your policy to be sure you have the protection described above at a reasonable price. If you are thinking of buying an RV, be sure to discuss the availability of these coverages with Camp-Land's Business Manager. Protect yourself by properly insuring both your investment and RV'ing lifestyle with specialized RV insurance.