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Understanding Manufacturer's Warranty

This simplified summary is intended as a quick introduction. We advise reading the actual warranty document and the owner's manual carefully.


Warranty details vary from one manufacturer to another but in general they cover parts and labor to correct any manufacturing defect. This includes defects that prevent proper functioning of the RV and also defects in appearance items like finishes and counter tops. Adjustments (things like door latches, cabinet door alignment, etc.) are generally covered for the first 90 days after purchase. Sealants on roof seams, around windows, etc. are generally covered for 6 months – after that any resealing is considered maintenance and the responsibility of the owner.


Repair of defective items that fail during the warranty period is covered, but inspections or tests to see if things work, are not covered. In other words, if you ask us to check your refrigerator to see if everything works all right, that would be a customer-pay item for the time we spend testing it. If you told us your refrigerator doesn't cool on gas, we would repair that defect and it would be a no-cost-to-you warranty item. If you tell us it doesn't cool on gas but we find nothing wrong with the operation of the refrigerator, the time our technician spent working on it would be customer-pay. In that case we would discuss the situation with you to determine if there is something about the operation of the refrigerator that needs explanation. Maintenance items like light bulbs, fuses, lubrication of steps, locks and levelers, oil changes, and seam sealants, for example, are considered maintenance and are not covered by warranty. Most manufacturers do not cover fabrics in any way.

Naturally, warranty does not cover removal of food from refrigerators, removal of personal items from compartments, etc. Normal wear and tear is expected and does not constitute a defect. Damage due to accident, neglect or misuse is not covered by warranty. Modern electronics are complicated and often appear to be defective because the new owner doesn't fully understand how to operate the product. Please consult the owner's manual before bringing it in for repair. You probably don't really want to pay our technician for testing your electronics and finding no defect.


You will need to call our service department and make an appointment. Call 219-787-1040 and ask for the Service Department. A service advisor will ask for a brief description of your problem so he can estimate the amount of time to allow for the work. He will fit you into our appointment schedule at the earliest date available. Sometimes in busy season you may not be able to get in right away. Be sure to mention your Priority Service Card Number when making your appointment. It won't necessarily get your appointment exactly when you want it, but it will help move you to the front.

On the day of your appointment, you may be able to wait in our lounge while the work is done, if the repair is very basic. The Service Advisor can give you an estimate of the time involved. Usually you will need to leave the RV with us for a few days. Knowledge of the procedure we must follow will help you understand the time frame involved.

Our service advisor will prepare a repair order describing exactly what needs to be done. The more information you can provide about the defect, the better. We need to know the symptoms, exact location on the coach, whether the problem is intermittent and any details that might help make a proper diagnosis. Let the Advisor know if you have any plans for using the RV on a specific date. If we discover work needs to be done that is not covered by warranty, the Service Advisor will contact you to get your approval before starting the work.

If there is no job involved that will require uncommon parts or extensive labor, we will usually be able to repair it on the day of the appointment. However, if parts are needed or more than very basic labor is needed, then we are required to obtain authorization from the manufacturer. This means we need to contact the manufacturer, send pictures of the defect and describe the problem, cause, and our proposed solution. The factory may approve our plan or suggest a better solution. This approval usually takes days rather than hours. Then we can order the parts. Some parts can be obtained quickly. Some, like body parts and cabinetry must be custom built and may take weeks. During summer it will take longer because of the heavy workload at the manufacturer. When the work is finished our Service Advisor will notify you and arrange a pickup time.